Open source software for autonomous unmanned systems

This is a brief description on how to establish a telemetry link from a linux computer to an AutoQuad (and probably most other) flight controller using Bluetooth. The description has been tested under Ubuntu 14.04.

  1. Make sure your linux user is added to the group dialout in /etc/group which means that the user is allowed to access serial devices. Please notice when you make changes to this file you have to relogin before the changes becomes active.
  2. Connect a bluetooth adaptor to the linux computer and activate Bluetooth.
  3. Turn on the AutoQuad drone with bluetooth telemetry interface installed.
  4. Run this command to find the bluetooth address of the AutoQuad: hcitool scan
  5. Create a serial device (replace the Bluetooth address below with your own): sudo rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm0 98:D3:31:30:0B:F4

You now have a serial device: /dev/rfcomm0 which you can use for communication with the AutoQuad M4 at 115200 bps.