Open source software for autonomous unmanned systems

AQ Ground Control Station

Ubuntu 14.04

The compiled linux version is know to work well under Ubuntu 14.04. It is available here:

Ubuntu 16.04

If you are running Ubuntu 16.04 you need to recompile the source:

The downloaded version of the AQ Ground Control Station for Linux (64 bit) at + gives the error message (on Ubuntu 16.04): “./qgroundcontrol_aq: +error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or +directory”.

The solution is to clone the AQ Ground Control Station (qgroundcontrol_aq) from AutoQuad's git repository and compile it yourself:

Install dependencies:

sudo apt install qt5-default libudev-dev libsdl2-dev

Clone the source:

git clone 
git clone 

Copy mavlink headers to the qgroundcontrol_aq directory:

cd qgroundcontrol_aq/libs/mavlink
cp -r ../../../mavlink_headers/include .


cd qgroundcontrol_aq

In the qgroundcontrol_aq/Makefile at the line beginning with LIBS change the references:

-lSDL -lSDLmain


-lSDL2 -lSDL2main

Build the application:

cd qgroundcontrol_aq

If everything works out the binary file will now be in qgroundcontrol_aq/bin/qgroundcontrol_aq