Open source software for autonomous unmanned systems

Frobit Demo

To test FroboMind you may run a small demo simulation of the Frobit robot where you will be able to remote control the Frobit using your keyboard.

The following instructions assume that you have completed the FroboMind installation guide.

First compile the application:

cd ~/roswork/src
frobomind/frobomind_make /frobit_demo

Then launch the simulation:

roscd frobit_demo

To control the robot with the keyboard, you must be in the terminal from where you launched the simulation. Press e to enable the deadman signal (the robot will not move until you do that).

Key commands

a(uto) Enter autonomous mode
r(emote) Enter remote control mode

e(nable) Enable deadman signal (required for the robot to move)
Space Disable deadman signal

In manual mode
Arrow keys Control the robot velocity
s(top) Stop the robot by setting the velocity to zero

To see how the system is put together, you can open a new terminal (CTRL-ALT-T) and type:

rosrun rqt_graph rqt_graph

To quit the simulation press CTRL-C in the terminal from where you launched the simulation.