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The autonomous agricultural platform Kongskilde Robotti is a belt driven module attachable with different forms of working implements. It can be equipped with e.g. Vibro Crop Intelli sections for mechanical weed control. Currently the robot can be equipped with implements for precision seeding (Becker Aeromat or Centra), ridging discs or mechanical row crop cleaning units (Kongskilde Vibro Crop).

Kongskilde Robotti is a market ready solution for automated, intensive and specialized crop producers and was presented for the first time to the Global market at the fair AgriTechnica 2013 in Hannover, Germany.

Kongskilde Robotti.

The first version of Kongskilde Robotti was developed in collaboration between Kongskilde Industries, Conpleks Innovation and the University of Southern Denmark in 2013. FroboMind is used for autonomous navigation.

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