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GrassBots is a current project (2013-2015) concerning grassland harvesting operations of lowlands for bio gas and bio refinery plants. This page focuses on utilizing FroboMind for some of the robot platforms developed during the project. For more information please contact Kjeld Jensen

Grassbots koncept.png
An artist’s impression of the GrassBots system. Grass is harvested, collected and
transported autonomously with lightweight machines to the field border.

The GrassBots robot

Grassbots demo september 2014.png
GrassBots demonstration September 2014

GrassBots September 2014.jpg
The GrassBots robot September 2014.


  • Cutting width: 3 m
  • Weight: 2.200 kg (Lynex carrier) plus 800 kg (Kongskilde grass cutter).
  • Propulsion: Hydraulic driven tracks.
  • Power source: 100 hp diesel engine.
  • Robot computer: Conpleks Robotech 501 Controller.
  • Navigation sensors: Sick rotary encoders, VectorNav VN-100 IMU, Trimble BX982 RTK-GNSS.
  • Robot software: FroboMind Software Platform

Public presentations

  • The second public demonstration is September 24, 2014. The Grassbots robot will be demonstrated performing fully autonomous cutting of a lowland area. This is based on a FroboMind application (robot behaviour and navigation) developed by the University of Southern Denmark, route planning from Aarhus University interfaced to FroboMind through common file and socket interfaces (the latter supports dynamical route plans), the Lynex tool carrier, the Kongskilde JF Stall mower implement, everything integrated by Conplex Innovation through their RoboTech Controller.
  • The first public demonstration was 2013-09-26 at Agro Business Park in Denmark (invitation) where the medium sized grass cutting robot was demonstrated. This version consists of a Lynex tracked tool carrier based on hydraulics propulsion and a grass cutting implement from Kongskilde Industries. The overall design is by Bertelsen Design, Conplex Innovation has performed the integration including robot computer and low level control software and the University of Southern Denmark has provided a FroboMind application for autonomous area coverage.
IMG 1217 grassbots.jpg
The GrassBots robot at the first public demonstration.

IMG 1296 grassbots eur consortium.jpg
The GrassBots consortium at the first public demonstration.

The GrassBots projects

The GrassBots ICT-AGRI Eranet project (2013-2015) consortium consists of Aarhus University DK, University of Southern Denmark, Harper Adams University College UK, Aalto University FI, MTT Agrifood Research FI, Kongskilde Industries A/S DK, Conpleks Innovation ApS DK, Lynex DK and Agro Business Park DK.

The GrassBots Region Midt project (2013-2014) consortium consists of Aarhus University DK, University of Southern Denmark, Kongskilde Industries A/S DK, Conpleks Innovation ApS DK, Lynex DK, Agro Business Park DK and Bertelsen Design DK.

GrasBots logo partners donors.png
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