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Frobit is a small differential steered robot designed for rapid prototyping of applications as well as curricular activities within field robotics. The idea behind the design is to have a small, low-cost and easy to build open source robot platform for developing software components for the FroboMind architecture. The Frobit is differential steered with a passive castor wheel. It currently exists in two main versions:

  • A small and very low-cost Frobit for indoor use only (documented here)
  • A larger more durable FrobitPro which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (documented here)


The Frobit is based on a RoboCard and a dual H-bridge for low level motor control.

Frobit with netbook.jpg
The Frobit robot.



FrobitPro 2014-09-11.jpg
The FrobitPro robot.


FrobitPro robot parts instruction.png
FrobitPro robot parts introduction

FrobitPro power on and off instruction.png
FrobitPro power on and off instruction

Frobit software

The Frobit is used as reference platform for FroboMind meaning that FroboMind contains updated demo examples for the Frobit that works. These examples are located in the FroboMind directory: /fmApp/frobolab/frobit_v2_demo.

Below is a video showing the frobit demo example for waypoint navigation using wheel encoders and a gyro for relative pose estimation.

Frobit autonomous waypoint navigation example.png
Frobit autonomous waypoint navigation example
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