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October 19, 2016
FroboMind based on ROS Kinetic and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is now considered the current stable version. It has been tested on both PC and Raspberry Pi 3. For information about the installation please go to the FroboMind (ROS Kinetic) installation guide.

August 10, 2016
Admittedly this website has received only a few updates this year. This does not reflect the activities developing FroboMind though, here are a couple of examples of what we are working on...

Raspberry Pi support
One of the aims we are currently pursuing is to use the Raspberry Pi 3 as platform for FroboMind and thus enabling new possibilities for using FroboMind where low cost of the robot hardware and low power consumption are important factors. So far it is looking good, we have the current Frobit Demo up and running, and we are in the process of testing GPS based navigation as well.

Frobomind raspi3.jpg
Raspberry Pi 3 running the Frobit Demo.

Gazebo simulation environment
We have implemented support for Gazebo to enable simulation in a physical environment. Currently we are able to navigate the environment manually or autonomously and receive sensor information from an onboard lidar and camera.

Frobit gazebo.png
The Frobit running within the Gazebo simulation environment.

If you are interested in this work you are welcome to contact Kjeld Jensen.

October 4, 2015
During the past few months the FroboMind and Frobit demo repositories have been updated significantly. A new safety layer has been introduced, so far represented by a basic incident handler. A new abstraction layer between remote control units and mission planners has been introduced to simplify the interfacing. The Frobit waypoint navigation mission planner has been modularized to support more complex behaviours. Some components from the fmLib directory have been restructured into the other FroboMind directories and some obsolete component have been moved to the fmcomponents_archive. For detailed information about the changes please look at the individual commits at the FroboMind and Frobit demo repositories. Further updates are expected in the months to come, mainly focusing on behaviours, behaviour transition, safety and advanced navigation.

March 5, 2015
FroboMind has been updated to support Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS Indigo. Please see the FroboMind Log 2015, the new Installation guide and the new list of Repositories.

June 13, 2014
New publication on FroboMind: Jensen, K.; Larsen, M.; Nielsen, S.H.; Larsen, L.B.; Olsen, K.S.; Jørgensen, R.N. Towards an Open Software Platform for Field Robots in Precision Agriculture. Robotics 2014, 3, 207-234. (PDF Full-text).

October 1, 2013
All information available at has been moved to this FroboMind wiki. If you discover any problems please contact Kjeld Jensen.


September 30, 2015
Demonstration of the FrobitPro robots at the opening of the new Faculty of Engineering building at the University of Southern Denmark. The demonstration was performed by 9th semester robotics students as part of the course Robot Systems Design.

FrobitPro robot demo at SDU TEK building opening Sep30-2015.jpg
FrobitPro robots convoy driving at the SDU TEK building opening.

August, 2015
The University of Southern Denmark hosted a two week PhD summer school on safe farming robots in relation to the SAFE farming project. The PhD students worked with FrobitPro robots and FroboMind to create robotic safe perception and behaviours.

Summer school PhD students and the FrobitPro retrofitted with a Velodyne lidar.

September 24, 2014
Public demonstration of the GrassBots robot.

June 2014
FieldRobotEvent 2014 Hohenheim, Germany, June 17-19.

August 2014
Summer course for engineering students at the University of Southern Denmark: Design and development of field robots for plant nursing 2014.

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