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Landmines and unexploded ordnance are a serious threat to the life and livelihood in post conflict areas in many parts of the world. In addition to the many casualties each year, the inaccessible roads and loss of cultivated areas have a significant impact on the local economy. Many organisations are running humanitarian demining projects to clear the contaminated areas. But progress is slow since mine clearance is a very time-consuming process, and there is no room for error since most existing techniques involves an operator on site.

Hudem pichi.jpg
The Pichi robot equipped for mine detection

At the University of Southern Denmark we work with design of all-terrain vehicles and sensor technology to develop autonomous tool carriers for use in sustainable biological production applications. Based on our knowledge and experience from this work we believe that autonomous robots will be more efficient and reliable for detecting and mapping the location of landmines than manual methods using the same sensor technology. At the same time the operator is not exposed to the risk of harm. The aim of our humanitarian demining activities is therefore to develop a low-cost, reliable, efficient and user-friendly Demining Robot.

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