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FroboScout is a small differentially steered field robot designed for various scouting tasks as well as test platform for field robot software. FroboScout is based on the following design goals:

  • Keep it simple
  • Low cost
  • Accurate navigation
  • Reasonable off road performance
IMG 0485.jpg
The FroboScout robot.

In a current project it is used for surveying tasks that are part of the quality assurance when constructing new roads. It navigates a specified route and at predetermined measuring locations it waits a defined number of seconds while the surveying station performs a precise relative measurement to the optical prism installed below the GNSS antenna.

FroboScout IMG 0459.jpg
FroboScout use for road surveying.

The construction of FroboScout began back in 2005. It was originally named CetusBot and used the Field Robotics Embedded Computer (FiRECom). It has been updated to support FroboMind.

For more information please contact Kjeld Jensen

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