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FroboMower is a small mower platform based on a commercial low-cost robotic mower. The purpose of FroboMower is to perform field experiments related to grass cutting and precision weeding as well as related topics like area coverage, state estimation based on low-cost sensors, robust autonomous behaviour etc. FroboMower is currently operational and is being used in various projects.

The FroboMower robot with a low-cost RTK-GPS installed.

The original electronics has been replaced by a RoboCard running the Frobit firmware and FroboMower is thus fully supported by FroboMind just like the Frobit robot. The RoboCard controls the propulsion motors through a H-bridge motor controller, and low-cost optical rotary encoders have been installed on the wheel shafts to provide odometry feedback. The three cutter motors are controlled by the RoboCard as well. An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), a mast for a GNSS antenna and a laptop platform have been installed to support the experimental work.

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