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Back in 1999 the Technical University of Denmark built 12 Small Mobile Robot (SMR) platforms for the purpose of teaching and supporting thesis-based research. Due to continuous maintenance and upgrading these robots are still going strong and are used extensively by the department of Automation and Control, DTU Electrical Engineering. They run the Mobotware software.

IMG 9373 dtu smr.jpg
The Small Mobile Robot (SMR).


Mobotware is a plug-in based software framework developed at Automation and Control, DTU Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. The software is used for education and research in mobile robotics and has been ported to different hardware platforms and applications. Important design criteria have been real-time performance of the control level, easy integration of sensors, fast porting to new robots and core system stability and maintainability in an undisciplined programming environment. Mobotware provides a simple scripting robot control language which also supports use by non-technicians [1].

IMG 1118 dtu smr lineup.jpg
SMR line-up at the DTU robotics laboratory.

FroboMind integration

Mobotware components have been added to FroboMind to include support for the SMR. The advantage of this is that it allows use of FroboMind and ROS packages while still benefiting from the Mobotware superior real-time performance. Click the link below for a tutorial on how to use FroboMind together with robots running Mobotware.


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