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Armadillo is a series of field robots designed and developed by the University of Southern Denmark in collaboration with several companies. They all run the FroboMind software platform and have been used in various research projects within crop scouting, mechanical and chemical weeding, mine detection etc.

The Armadillo robots up to version III all used a FroboBox robot computer tailored to field robots with respect to interfaces, rugged casing etc. There is some documentation for this computer availble here. The FroboBox has now evolved into a commercial product named Conpleks Robotech Controller 701. This product is installed on Armadillo IV and V.

Armadillo versions

  1. Armadillo The first prototype.
  2. Armadillo Scout | Armadillo Scout Documentation The second version used by the University of Hohenheim.
  3. Armadillo III Currently in use at the University of Southern Denmark.
  4. Armadillo Pichi A small, low-cost and less modularized Armadillo intended for light scouting and manipulation tasks.
  5. Armadillo IV Currently in use at the University of Southern Denmark.
  6. Armadillo V This version has been renamed to Kongskilde Robotti

Weeding trial robot.png
Armadillo IV precision weeding trial 2013.

Weeding trial robot rear.png
Armadillo IV (rear) precision weeding trial 2013.

Armadillo kongskilde.png
Armadillo III cultivating with VibroCrop.

Armadillo3 upex740 450px.png
Armadillo III with WADS sensor for humanitarian demining.

Armadillo lyskasse scaled.jpg
Armadillo III recording images of weed.

Armadillo row weeder.jpg
Armadillo III with a row-weeder.

Armadillo FieldRobotEvent.jpg
Armadillo III at FieldRobotEvent 2012.

Armadillo weed photo.jpg
Armadillo I configured for weed photographing.

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