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This archive lists robots that are based on a Field Robotics Embedded Computer (FiRECom), the predecessor to FroboMind.


Casmobot was developed by the University of Southern Denmark during 2007-2009 as part of Plant Nursing Robotics, a technology transfer project. Casmobot is an acronym for Computer Assisted Slope Mowing Robot. The Casmobot vision was to design and develop an application module for slope mowers which enables them to perform the mowing semi-autonomously.

IMG 3677 casmobot.jpg
Casmobot 2009

First semi-autonomous navigation test using TopCon GPS receivers January 20, 2009

Casmobot was based on a Lynex slope mower retrofitted with a Field Robotics Embedded Computer (FiRECom) the predecessor to FroboMind.

Casmobot was the first of our robot platforms which is remote controlled by a Nintendo Wiimote. What started out as a funny idea one late friday afternoon in the robotics lab turned out to be a great demonstrator of user friendly robot control as the Wiimote seems so much more intuitive than an industrial standard remote control unit.

The Casmobot robot no longer exists. While it was active the Casmobot FAQ had many visits. A copy of the FAQ has been archived here.


Hortibot was developed at the former Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, now a part of Aarhus University, DK.

Hortibot is a tool carrier capable of traversing a field of row crops starting at one of the field corners. It follows the row of crops using a row camera from ECO-DAN (now acquired by Claas Agrosystems) and at the end of the row it turns using a gyro sensor and drives back along the neighboring row etc.

IMG 1444 hortibot.jpg
Hortibot first public presentation at FieldRobotEvent 2007

Several implements were made for the Hortibot, the most notable being a cell sprayer prototype. Cameras continuously take pictures of the ground and the images are analyzed to determine the location of crops and weed within the image. A row of nozzles placed behind the cameras are then activated so that only cells (4x10cm) where weed have been detected will be sprayed.

IMG 1487 hortibot team.jpg
The Hortibot team at FieldRobotEvent 2007

IMG 1391 hortibot and implements.jpg
Line-up of Hortibot and implements.

Hortibot was selected as one of The Best Inventions Of The Year 2007 by Time Magazine.

Time magazine.png
Best inventions of 2007.

Hortibot is based on a Spider ILD2 slope mower from Dvorak and has been retrofitted with a Field Robotics Embedded Computer (FiRECom) the predecessor to FroboMind. Sensors installed are wheel angle encoders, a row camera and a gyro.

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