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FroboMind is a robot control system software platform designed for field robotics research. It provides the means of using the same generic platform across different projects , field robots and implements and hereby maximizing reuse of existing work.

The aim of FroboMind is to standardize robot software development across projects, robots and implements and optimize the robot software in terms of:

  • Modularity and code reuse in order to decrease time spent on software development, debugging and testing.
  • Extensibility and scalability, It must accommodate implementations from small student projects to advanced research project.

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The FroboMind software platform consists of an operating system, a middleware and an architecture that defines the organization of software components into layers and modules with well defined interfaces.

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Operating System
  • FroboMind supports the latest Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) release.
  • FroboMind has been implemented in ROS (Robot Operating System).


FroboMind builds upon royalty-free open standards and open-source software. The FroboMind software platform design, documentation and source code is open-source and has been released under a permissive free software licence (license terms) which permits royalty free commercial use of the work including combining the licensed material with other licence terms. This enables free use and sharing of software among researchers and students as well as companies and other external partners working within the domain.

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